Our Vision is access to good enterprise thinking and start-up programmes for all, regardless of background. Our Social Mission is to set up young people with the best entrepreneurial skills they can take forwards throughout their lives. To increase the number of successful adult business start-ups from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Upstart Enterprise was founded by Vicki Stone, Marketer and a bit of an Upstart she has always had a passion for business and enterprise. Vicki comes from a background in marketing, business development and fundraising. In 2019 she founded the business with an aim of making a difference for children and adults who live in deprived areas of the North East. Anyone should be able to have a go at enterprise and some of the most successful business people Vicki knows have come from very humble beginnings.


We work across the North East to deliver social action projects in deprived areas with communities who want to take action to face challenges and issues in their areas.

We used enterprise in disguise to enable these communities to achieve the goals they set out to reach.


We also deliver enterprise enrichment days in schools and regular afterschool  enterprise clubs.

Our afterschool enterprise clubs develop entrepreneurial skills, increase confidence and focus on selling, pitching and smart thinking.

The clubs run a 7 week enterprise programme which often ends with a dragons den style pitching contest (with prizes of course).


We deliver enterprise workshops and lectures to universities and start-up business owners.

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