Some very exciting news for one of our corporate sponsors of the Upstart Business enterprise challenge.


Ward Hadaway’s Emerging Talent team was recognised for the impact they have made supporting the next generation of legal and business professionals. We’re delighted about their efforts which have earned them the prestigious People in Law Award for Best CSR Initiative, for the Enterprise Challenge.


The Enterprise Challenge, conducted in collaboration with Upstart Enterprise CIC, is a program designed to equip young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with essential business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, aimed at empowering them for years to come.


Congratulations to the Ward Hadaway – Emerging Talent team and all the trainees who have volunteered their time over the past two years.


Upstart Enterprise continues to champion positive change and foster access to enterprise thinking and start-up programmes for all, regardless of background.

A fantastic return on a £2,000 budget to work in a school in a deprived area of Newcastle.


Upstart Enterprise CIC have a list of schools in deprived areas of Newcastle ready to start but we need funding to get these challenges off the ground. Please get in touch if your organisation needs to improve their CSR or social value