Our women's skills and wellbeing programmes work in the most disadvantaged areas of Newcastle. We help women overcome barriers relating to health, wellbeing, families and skills. The end result are women who are ready to return to work or start their entrepreneurial journey.


Our award-winning school enterprise challenges develop entrepreneurial skills, increase confidence and focus on selling, pitching and smart thinking. These programmes are a great opportunity for businesses to get involved with their local communities and improve their CSR.

Business start-ups

We work in communities to run enterprise and business start up programmes. We work at grass roots level, supporting individuals interested in starting their own business. We support many social entrepreneurs who start their social enterprise through their lived experience.

Our Social Mission is to set up young people with the best entrepreneurial skills they can take forwards throughout their lives. To increase the number of successful adult business start-ups from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Since we started in 2019, we have supported a total of 1,140 individuals through the work we do in schools and communities. Upstart Enterprise has supported a total of 193 individuals with effective skills and enterprise projects with 1-1 and group support in 2022.

Children & young people