Our Enterprise in Disguise social action projects have grown from strength to strength, supporting and nurturing ideas that come from the community groups and the charities we work with.

We work in Kenton and Benwell empowering women to make better lives for themselves and their families. We work with some of the North East’s leading organisations like Home Group, Ward Hadaway and Dreager who support our community projects with adults and children.

Directly Supported

  • Adults
  • Children & Young People

Joint Projects

Housing Associations
Sheltered Accommodation


  • In kind
  • Financial

In Kenton, we host a vibrant weekly women’s gathering known as the Crafty Queens. Here, we foster an environment of empowerment, helping these women surmount obstacles, hone their talents, and nurture their overall wellbeing. Embracing the philosophy of ‘enterprise in disguise,’ we focus on instilling confidence and guiding them toward their entrepreneurial aspirations. All members utilise their newfound skills to generate funds for the group, crafting everything from naughty clay baubles to witty greeting cards. As we venture into 2024, we’re expanding our community by launching a mam’s podcast, further enriching our collective journey of growth and peer to peer support.

In Benwell we support the Crafty Lasses every Tuesday. There we learn new skills, help with CVs and employability and run community events with Pendower Good Neighbour Project. We’ve recently worked with One Strawberry Lane (Home Group and BAM Construction) to build a legacy project which is the Sunnybank Secret Garden.

In Pendower in Benwell, we helped 15 volunteers who use the Pendower Good Neighbour Project, create a socially distanced pizza garden, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This space will be used for years to come with families and elders to create a safe place for activities and a slice of pizza.